Kit & Go! with the VPA accessory box

We present our new Rigo accessories box: VPA
Suitable for all our TMR turbines, it’s perfect to have all the spare parts and accessories at your fingertips: nozzles, caps, ring nut, wrench, filters, densimeter and radio remote control are conveniently stored.
Today, you can put your spray gun in the new VPA, in a stable and secure way, during breaks of use, whilst filling of paint, transport or storage waiting for new jobs.

Our commitment is to always find the simplest and most functional solution for the professional, who for a long time asked us for a valid support for the spray gun and the possibility of storage and transport of accessories and spare parts. Here's the solution: today with the new VPA made of thermoplastic and shockproof material, we can solve both problems.

On Trade magazine Color & Hobby edition 387 of November 2018 on page 50 you will find our advertising page.

Download the poster as a reminder and ask your retailer for the new VPA accessory box: Kit & Go!


Enjoy the reading!