Think, act, produce green.

Our attitude is aimed at the protection of the environment and people.
Our efforts are focused on three main topics, so that we can be classified as sustainable company: we think green, we act green, we produce green!
Our HVLP - high volume low pressure - spray painting systems contribute to environmental sustainability and painter’s safety.

This system allows a very little over-spray and avoids the fog effect, leading to an appreciable material saving. This reduces waste and grant a better material transfer on every surface to paint.

As a result, better performances are guaranteed with reduced pollution, lower product quantities and increased protection for the painters and the environment.

Our green path began in 2012 when the factory was equipped with photovoltaic panels, to gain self-sufficiency and a considerable energy saving. In 2019 both the shed and the offices were renovated with insulating products, reducing the energy waste more and more.

Moreover, we have always accomplished a rigorous waste disposal and recycling.

Our pojects for 2023 will take in the whole company from different pov, such as structure, logistics, distribution, information and production, always with a GREEN concept! Because sustainability’s our responsibility.

Read the December article nr. 428 from Colore & Hobby and you’ll find a special "Focus green"