Protect your health with Rigo starting now!

According to the requirements of the ministerial provisions about Covid 19 emergency, it is necessary, before restarting our regular activities, to ensure a disinfection on all surfaces, environments, machinery, vehicles, etc. by spraying an effective substances against viruses and bacteria. This is possible thanks to our versatile and practical equipment to carry:

As a company that has always been ethically responsible, in this international emergency climate we feel the duty to collaborate and give the contribution with our equipment rigorously Made in Italy, which may guarantee a very fine spray effect and optimal performances.

Level 1 DIY or amateur:

T-basic turbine

Level 2 Professional or high level amateur:

TMR80 turbine

Turbine TMR150E

Turbine TMR180E

with MRS / MBA / ACT-S spray guns

Level 3 Professional for medium to large environments and surfaces:

KOMBI equipped with ACT spray gun

can be equipped with ACT-L and / or ACT-XXL spray guns

Level 4 Professional for large rooms:

Cart Turbine CT9 and CT18 equipped with ACT spray gun

can be equipped with ACT-L and / or ACT-XXL spray gun

Sanitization is a thorough cleaning procedure that allows you to eliminate any bacteria from any industrial and civil premises; therefore "RIGO SANITARY" will be a valid ally for companies in the sector of environmental disinfection and sanitization, but also for individuals, cleaning companies, civil protection. Whatever you need to sanitize, you’ll find something suitable in our product line “Rigo Sanitary”!