RIGO ® Academy Project

Rigo Srl leading Company for spray painting with HLVP system, has found in Michele Giannuzzi Perfetti’s artistic vocation a valuable partner to develop a creative use of Rigo equipment and to explore all opportunities that HLVP system entails.
Rigo Project Academy comes from this technical and artistic combination a training course to decorate and spray paint with HVLP system.
Rigo Academy offers participants an innovative and original opportunity to identify and catch all benefits of HVLP system equipment, at the same time allows to develop a new culture on spray method.

The first Academy course has been a success

It took place at “Arata Utensili” in Ovada near Alessandria

Each trainee came home with new answers to his needs!

The group of professionals was diverse, however they all had the same goal to achieve: find out what HVLP spray painting had more to offer. This diverse group and the different competences and experiences have easily permitted to demonstrate the first great value of Rigo equipment: functional versatility.

Spray decorative finishing, lessons at Brera Academy, demonstrations at Bari fair, a showroom creation, sales force training, the use of thick painting products, these are just a few examples of Rigo flexibility.

Last but not least during the lock down period in order to test our Rigo Sanitary line of equipment, we have tested some appropriate chemical solutions for environment sanitization.


Spray painting stands for speed in execution with time and money saving, but with Rigo Academy you can dare more: precision and creative jobs can be realized in small areas and over multiple surfaces with excellent results; Innovative and thick products find a new way of application.


Would you like to know more about Rigo equipment?

Please enroll in one of our Rigo Academy trainging courses


Rigo not just products and services selling but also innovative solutions.

To find out all details please read “Colore and Hobby” magazine edition 404.