Sustaining your work, professionalism guaranteed

Cart turbine is the development of Jolly Rigo and Poker Rigo, the result of an accurate project, a thoughtful and precise mechanical construction, an excellent market analysis.

Cart-turbine demos we are running, allow us to relate with users giving them concrete suggestions, and to better understand our market needs.

Cart turbine can be used on several surfaces and materials, in building, carpentry and boating, ensuring high performances and easy upkeep. As a result, cart turbine can lead to a concrete cost-cut.

The qualities of this product come from HP and HVLP technologies blended: sturdiness, reliability, long-life and high performances (high-pressure properties) together with high-quality finishing and easy use (low-pressure painting advantages).

to use, to advertise and to sell.

The pros: they can spray most painting materials. Less time and less material to reach a high-level finishing, improving their performances and professionality.

Demonstrators: they can answer all doubts by showing and having machine tried, and increase their prestige accordingly.

Distributors: they can increase sales and satisfy the professionals needs.

During the demos the professionals can try this machine themselves, so they can immediately appreciate Cart turbine advantages, without useless explanations, just watching and trying it.

In a more and more competitive world, Cart turbine professionality makes it an irreplaceable tool to reach professional growth.
Please remember that Rigo’s retailers are running demos all over Italy, which can also turn into teaching events.

Just get into it or advertise this initiative. Looking forward to you!


Cart Turbine, can be used for high-level painting on both small and large surfaces. Thanks to its small size and low weight grants autonomy and easy use. It can reach all heights and requires very simple upkeep and minimum cleaning, ensuring material saving.

Would you like to learn more? 

Read the October article n. 426 on Colore & Hobby and you’ll find the special box “CART TURBINE under x-rays” and a nice interview with two authorities of this field: Giovanni Napolitano (first painter with UNI 11704 certification) and the professional Angelo Albanese, who have tested Cart Turbine for you.