Rigo: sanitizing with the perfect equipment!

During the lockdown period Rigo’s team proudly managed to develop a line of turbines and spray guns perfect to nebulize sanitizing products.
Rigo Sanitary was born from a bold idea to put to service of everybody’s health and security our heritage of design and equipment. This way we have created a system able to apply successfully products to sanitize private and public environments.

Rigo® Sanitary is not only this. It has also been a valuable work and a human experience.
We have worked constantly with enthusiasm all together to transform this line in reality as quickly as possible.
Our experience has permitted us to take advantage of our skills and studies carried out during the years. This has permitted us to develop a very fine nebulizing system that allows products to develop maximum results without damaging surfaces and materials


Rigo® Sanitary’s line includes:





MRS Sani

ACT-S Sani e ACT-Sani

ACT-L Sani e ACT-XXL Sani

Rigo Sanitary line is reserved to the healthcare and professional cleaning sector, to distributors and wholesalers and to manufacturers of sanitizing products.

For regular clients such as paint and hardware stores, we have available our traditional line of turbines and spray guns in the coloured version, provided with all accessories suitable for sanitization.

To find out more details and all results that you can reach with Rigo, please read our edition nr. 403 of “Colore & Hobby” magazine