Cart turbina CT-18

Cart turbina CT-18

RIGO CT-18 Turbine can face every single professional painting situation, while being sure that you are best equipped for small-and large-size works

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Great performance with minimum overall dimensions

  • portable: light and compact, it can be placed everywhere
  • efficient: it can use any kind of paint
  • versatile: suitable for small-and large size works
  • innovative: it combines high-pressure performances with the degree of finish guaranteed by the HVLP system


  • Technical Data Sheet

  • Brochure

  • Instructions for use

  • Certificate of conformance and warranty

  • General catalogue

Did you know that...

you can use your CT-9 and CT-18 even for small touch-up works or decorations by adding one of the ACT-S or ACT-AS new professional spray guns